8.00 – 16.00 Registration of participants
9.00 – 9.30 The Official Opening of the 11th TIME Economic Forum
Marek Zagórski – Minister of Digitization, Poland
Markus Hess – Deputy Director General, German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
Stefan Kamiński – President, KIGEiT
Klaus Mittelbach – CEO, ZVEI
9.40 – 10.00 Keynote Speech: The EU Commission`s Industrial Policies
Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME’s
  Presentation of the Programme of the 11th TIME Economic Forum
Jarosław Tworóg,  – Vice-president, KIGEiT
10.25-10.45 Presentation: Digital Industry Manifestos
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl – Director General of DIGITALEUROPE
10.45-11.05 Presentation:Current status and prospects for the development of the 5G network technology and its value for industry 4.0 oriented applications
Igor Milojevic – CTO of Carrier Business Group at Huawei CEE&Nordic
11.05-11.20 Coffee break 
SESSION I – Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industries
11.20-11.30 Fireside Chat: Orgalim Vision 2030
Malte Lohan – Director General of Orgalim – Europe‘s Technology Industries
Oliver Blank, – Director European Affairs, ZVEI European Office
11.30-11.40 Presentation: 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G ACIA)
Alexander Bentkus, 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G ACIA)
11.40-12.30 Discussion:
Moderator:  Oliver Blank, – Director European Affairs, ZVEI European Office
Invited:  Michał Boni – Member of European Parliament, European Parliament
Mariusz Kondraciuk – Director, Siemens Energy Management
Jacek Łukaszewski – CEO, Cluster of Central and Eastern Europe, Schneider Electric
Andrzej Dulka – President, Polish Association of Telecommunication Engineers
Witold Bereszczyński – CEO, Weidmüller
Malte Lohan – Director General of Orgalim – Europe‘s Technology Industries



This session will discuss the broader framework of the necessity of the digital transformation for European industries and the specific role of the manufacturing sector in this regards. It touches upon the needs of companies to be fully able to use new technologies and to ensure that regulation is not limiting innovation


SESSION II – 5G – Spectrum management and area development
12.30-12.50 Presentation: 5G for the Industry – Spectrum management trends
Mario Maniewicz – Director of Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union
12.50-13.10 Presentation: SCENIHR opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields
Zenon Sienkiewicz – (Member of ICNIRP)
13.10-13.50 Discussion: 
Moderator:  Marcin Cichy – President of UKE
Invited:  João Cadete de Matos – Chairman of ANACOM’s Board of Directors  (Portugal)
Cristina Data, Director of Spectrum, Ofcom (United Kingdom)
Vladimír Kešjar – Chairman of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (Slovak Republic)
Konstantinos Masselos PhD – President of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (Greece)
Jaromír Novák – Chairman of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office (Czech Republic)


The fifth generation of mobile networks presents such an enormous technological upgrade, that it becomes beneficial for industrial use. Therefore it is crucial to make sure that 5G is also available for industrial use and local factory networks.


SESSION III – Optimizing the construction of 5G wireless network layers
13.50-14.10 Presentation: “Wireless layers of 5G networks”
Martin Mellor – President of the Board, Ericsson
14.10-14.55 Discussion: 
Moderator:  Roman Młodkowski – Independant Consultant
Invited:  Jean-François Fallacher – CEO, Orange
Piotr Kuriata – Member of the Board for Business Development and Regulation, P4
Tonny Bao – Country General Manager Huawei Polska
Wojciech Pytel – Member of The Supervisory Board, Netia, Polkomtel
Andreas Maierhofer – CEO, T-Mobile
Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski – CEO, Exatel
Martin Mellor – President of the Board, Ericsson
14.55 -15.30 Lunch
SESSION IV – Industrial Artificial Intelligence – Chances and Challenges
15.30-15.45 Presentation:
Norbert Biedrzycki – Vice-President of Digital McKinsey in the CEE Region
15.45-16.45 Discussion: 
Moderator:  Piotr Mieczkowski – Executive Director, DigitalPoland
Invited:  Olaf Gajl – Dyrektor, Ośrodek Przetwarzania Informacji
Borys Stokalski – CEO, PIIT
Piotr Pietrzak – CEE Energy & Utilities Industry Technical Leader, Executive Architect, IBM Polska
Bartosz Lech – Board Member, Globema
Paweł Pisarczyk – President, Atende Software
16.45-17.00 Summary of the Forum:
Jarosław Tworóg,  – Vice-president, KIGEiT
Oliver Blank, – Director European Affairs, ZVEI European Office
11th TIME Economic Forum Gala Dinner
19.30 -23.00 Grand Gala Night
  Opening Ceremony


8.00 – 16.00 Registration of participants
9.00-9.30 Opening Ceremony
Jadwiga Emilewicz – Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Poland
9.30-9.50 Keynote Speech: European strategies for Digitising Industry and for Artificial Intelligence
Max Lemke – Head of Unit for “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry” in Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
9.50-10.05 Keynote Speech: Highway 5G
Neils Kalnins – Development Director, JSC Electronical Communications
10.05-10:20 Presentation: Small and medium enterprises in industry 4.0
Mariusz Zabielski – Vice President Country Manager, Poland, Czech, central- eastern Europe Siemens
10.20-10.45 Presentation: Topic of the presentation: What to do with IoT Data – Top Technology Trends
Paweł Białka – Executive Partner, Gartner
10.45 -10.55 Coffee break 
10.55 -11.00 Signing Ceremonial of an Agreement for The Promotion of Digitization and New Technologies and Organization of Digital Week 1.10-10.10 2019  
SESSION I – How to build fibre in the context of connectivity challenges and 5G?
11.00-11.15 Presentation: Action plan for increasing the rate of fibre construction
Krzysztof Heller – CEO, Infostrategia
11.15-12.15 Discussion:
Moderator:  Michał Kobosko – Senior Advisor, Atlantic Council
Invited: Andrzej Abramczuk – CEO, Netia
Piotr Jaworski – Member of the Management Board for Networks and Technologies, Orange Poland
Michał Szczęsny – Director of Architecture-and Network Planning Office, EXATEL
Michał Bartkowiak – Vice-president, INEA
Robert Redeleanu – CEO, UPC
Ireneusz Piecuch – Partner, Law Firm Gawroński i Piecuch
Tomasz Żurański – CEO, Vectra
SESSION II –European Data Economy & B2B Data Platforms
12:15-12.30 Piotr Mieczkowski – Executive Director, Digital Poland Foundation`
12:30-13:30 Discussion: 
Moderator:  Piotr Mieczkowski – Executive Director, Digital Poland Foundation
Invited:  Carlos Navarro – Director, Data Driven Solutions
Robert Kroplewski – Plenipotentiary, Ministry of Digital Affairs
Bartosz Malinowski – Vice President, CEE & MENA, Adform
Tomasz Trzciński – Chief Scientist and Partner, Tooploox
Marek Turlejski – Partner, DataWise, LocIT
Aleksander Szerner – CEO, BIM Association for the Polish Construction Industry



This session will reflect the broader debate of a European Data Economy and Free Flow of Data and then turn in the more specific details, requirements and challenges for B2B Data Platforms.


13.30-14.30 Lunch
SESSION III – Cybersecurity
14.30-14.45 Presentation: “The challenges of supply chain cybersecurity. What we can do to combat cyber-attacks?”
Wiesław Łodzikowski – NASK SA    
14.45-15.00 Presentation: „Cybersecurity in energetics. Causes of cyberwar incidents” 
Jarosław Tworóg, – Vice-president, KIGEiT
15.00-15.45 Discussion: Supply chain cybersecurity. (How can reduce organization’s exposure to a successful cyber-attack?)
Moderator:  Krzysztof Silicki – Director, NASK
Invited:  Juliusz Brzostek –NASK Cyber-security Centre
Grzegorz Bojar – Director IT, Department PSE
Tomasz Huś – Chairman, PZU LAB
Jakub Jagielak – Dyrektor ds. Rozwoju Cyberbezpieczeństwa, Atende
Arkadiusz Wójcik – VP, Head of IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Polska
SESJA IV – SMEs in Industry 4.0 – How to make skills and technologies available for everyone
15.45-16.00 Presentation: System and legal support in the transformation of I4.0 small and medium enterprises 
Andrzej Soldaty – Founder and Project Partner of the “Initiative for Polish Industry 4.0
16.00-17.00 Discussion: 
Moderator:  Jarosław Tworóg, – Vice-president, KIGEiT
Invited:  Representatives from Industry 4.0 Platforms and local chambers of commerce
Max Lemke – Head of Unit for “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry”
Andrzej Soldaty – Founder and Project Partner of the “Initiative for Polish Industry 4.0
Mark Boris Andrijanič – Head of Public Policy CEE, Uber
Marek Bąkowski – Pełnomocnik Prezesa ds. Informatyzacji Administracji Publicznej, PIIT
Ray Pinto – Digital Transformation Policy Director, DIGITALEUROPE
Michele Merola – Vice-president, AIdAM



SMEs are the backbone of the European economy and society. It is key to fully enable SMEs to participate and benefit from the digital transformation. This session will ask how European initiatives and cooperation can help SMEs to use their often untouched potential


17.00-17.20 Forum summary
  Oliver Blank, – Director European Affairs, ZVEI European Office
Jarosław Tworóg, – Vice-president, KIGEiT


4 march 2019, Monday, 12.00 – 15.00

Podczas spotkania zaprezentowane zostaną możliwości uzyskania dofinansowania na realizację nowatorskich rozwiązań lub udoskonalenie istniejących produktów i usług w ramach projektów badawczo-rozwojowych (B+R). Eksperci NCBR zaprezentują nie tylko ofertę wsparcia i zasady udziału w konkursach z Programu Inteligentny Rozwój (POIR), ale także przedstawią na konkretnych przykładach jak korzystać ze środków w ramach POIR. Odpowiedzą także na pytania z Państwa strony.


  • Aktualna oferta NCBR w ramach POIR
  • Proces realizacji projektu badawczo-rozwojowego (specyfika prac B+R)
  • Dobre praktyki i wskazówki dotyczące wypełniania wniosku o dofinansowanie oraz najczęściej popełniane błędy
  • Zasady aplikowania i oceny projektów w NCBR

Spotkanie realizowane w ramach projektu „NCBR dla firm – wsparcie przedsiębiorców z POIR”. Więcej informacji dostępnych jest na stronie: https://www.ncbrdlafirm.pl/

Osoby zainteresowane udziałem w spotkaniu prosimy o kontakt dorota.toczyska@ncbr.gov.pl

Diginno Innovation Session – session within FG Time,
5 march 2019, Tuesday, 10.45 – 13.40


Session on innovation creation and implementation at companies from the management side of things. Digital industrial transformation requires new management methods. How to effectively develop new solutions and processes in organisations, how to effectively bring them to life? How to collaborate, both internally and with entities external to organisations to achieve the best results for the business. Various methods, best practices, discussion. 


10.30 – 10.45 – coffee break
10.45 – start of the session

  • Welcome speech
  • Industry 4.0 – managerial challenges – effectively implementing innovations and managing change in organisations – presentation
  • Design Thinking as the innovation generation method in digitalization process – presentation
  • Innovations? Not many of us get up in the morning with a strong resolution – today I will devise something new, I will change something. We feel safer on familiar beaten paths; venturing outside the comfort zone is a big challenge to most people. So how are we change the company to fully benefit from what modern technology brings around?  – discussion in groups
  • Conclusions, end of the meeting

13.40 – lunch

The session is provided under the Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO) project, digital industrial transformation. For more information please visit: https://kigeit.org.pl/diginno/

Session will be translated simultaneously PL / ENG.
If you are interested in participating only in the Diginno Innovation Session please contact dorota.sapija@kigeit.org.pl

Krzysztof Chełpiński – has almost 30 years’ experience in management related to information and communication technologies (16 years on managing positions in IBM). A few years ago decided to become an entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of STB24 – company specialized in cloud solutions for SMEs. Member of The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEiT). Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology.
Magdalena Sadowska-Pożycka – graduate of Faculty of Production Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology (specialisation: Information Systems and Enterprise Management). She has also completed two postgraduate study programmes in Value Based Management and in Customer Value Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. She started working for Siemens sp. z o.o. in 2011 at the BE&QM department, supporting the business process improvement initiative.
At present, she is the Design Thinking Evangelist. Privately she is a fan of swimming and a certified Total Immersion Coach.
Łukasz Kowalik – expert in marketing communication, innovation and change management. Consultant supporting West Pomerania Employer Association, Venture Partner at Simpact.VC supporting go-to-market strategies and programs of portfolio companies. Co-founder of Empirium and Empirium.pl. Earlier, for over 18 years manager at Intel Corporation responsible for PR, marketing communication and sales partner programs in CEE and EMEA region. He holds Ph.D. degree in the Economics and works as Assistant Professor at Kozminski University.
Knud Erik Skouby – professor and founding director of center for Communication, Media and Information technologies, Aalborg University-Copenhagen – a center providing a focal point for multi-disciplinary research and training in applications of CMI. Has a career as a university teacher and within consultancy since 1972. Working areas: Techno-economic Analyses; Development of mobile/ wireless applications and services: Regulation of telecommunications
Project manager and partner in a number of international, European and Danish research projects. Served on a number of public committees within telecom, IT and broadcasting; as a member of boards of professional societies; as a member of organizing boards, evaluation committees and as invited speaker on international conferences; published a number of Danish and international articles, books and conference proceedings. Editor in chief of Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communication Technologies (NBICT); Board member of the Danish Media Committee. Chair of WGA in Wireless World Research Forum; Dep. chair IEEE Denmark. Member of the Academic Council of the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, AAU.


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